The purpose of the FDFN POST-SECONDARY PROGRAM is to enable First Nations students to pursue a higher education.  However, the funding is CAPPED, so not everyone who applies is eligible to be funded.  Acceptance of support of funding requires major commitment on the part of the student to work hard to complete the program successfully.

A few of the requirements for eligibility for FDFN PSSSP funding is:

  • must be a band member of Flying Dust First Nation
  • have a complete Grade 12, Adult 12 or GED 12
  • be accepted into a program which is 8 months in length and requires a grade 12 level
  • be enrolled in an educational institute which offers the program
  • must be resident in Canada for 12 consecutive months before the date of application
  • SUBMIT documentation with the application such as:
    • copy of status card
    • acceptance letter from the institute
    • dependent verification (ie. copy of health card, school registration)

Failure to submit ALL required documentation by deadline dates will result in delays and/or disqualification from funding.  Complete application submission dates are factored into selection.

Flying Dust PSSSP Application DEADLINE DATES are:

  • FALL (September enrolment): May 31
  • WINTER (January enrolment): November 30
  • (May-August enrolment)

The Post-Secondary Policy Manual outlines the policies and procedures of the FDFN PSSSP. The FDFN will continue to do its utmost to implement this program on the basis of our Treaty right to education. However, the current reality is that FDFN has limited funds to cover all our membership’s post-secondary and training needs.

The Chief and Council have the overall mandate and authority over FDFN governance affairs, including the education portfolio and post-secondary policies.  The Education Commission has been designated to oversee policy development and application.  The Post-Secondary Coordinator is the lead official for the administration of the program and reports to the Education Director and the Education Commission.