Flying Dust First Nation

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Flying Dust First Nation (Kopahawakenum) is member of Treaty #6, which they signed on August 26, 1876.

For more information on Treaty 6, please visit Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Website.

Treaty Land Entitlement

FDFN signed TLE Framework Agreement on September 22, 1992.

FDFN ratified its TLE Trust and Band Specific Agreements on May 29, 1993.

FDFN receives 33,910 equity acres, 6788 of those are shortfall acres.

FDFN has the ability to purchase mines and minerals up to equity acres.

FDFN celebrates the acquisition and Reserve Creation of its Shortfall acres in 2001.

Lands purchased to date that have been turned to reserve status:
Norsask: 5682.24 acres
Setrokov/MRS: 262.16 acres
Cabana pasture: 394.95 acres
Sk Ag food: 19.90
Stupka: 94 acres, 1.35, .10
Labrash: 2293.05 acres
Stupka: 1079.89
Leschuk: 180.50 acres, 11.1 acres
Gagnon: 919.69
Parcel F, G & ICG: 24.69
Parcel BB: 2.08
For a total of 10,965.7 acres

Lands purchased but have yet to turn to reserve status:
Robinson: 1280 acres
Agrifoods: .76 acres
Lots 14, 15, 21: 1.3
Lays: 3.38 acres
Southeast, SK: 960 acres