FDFN Lands update September 11, 2017



  1. Land Use Law - The purpose of the law is to help implement and reinforce the Land
    Use Plan by:
    • Dividing FDFN into zones where particular types of development and lands uses are
    • Providing direction on site planning issues such as the location of main buildings and
      accessory buildings on a parcel of land; and
    • Providing direction on issues such as home-based business, secondary suites, and use
      of cargo containers in residential areas, use of mobile homes and other matters.
  2. Land Use Plan - The Land Use Plan is intended to provide guidance to FDFN in terms of
    the programs and policies it will enact in relation to key issues such as housing, agriculture,
    resource extraction, economic development, and environmental protection.
  3. Saskatchewan Government Agricultural Crown Lands For Sale - In June 2017 FDFN
    received a Duty to Consult notification of Proposed Sale/ Lease of Vacant Crown Lands
    informing them of several parcels of land for sale.lease in at least 4 rural municipalities within
    Northwest-Saskatchewan. FDFN applied for and received a Fast-Track Grant to assist in the
    community consultation process regarding crown land for sale in the RM of Meadow Lake. On
    July 19th we had a community meeting to discuss land for sale and how it effects our Treaty
    rights to hunt, trap and carry out Traditional Activities on the proposed parcels of land. FDFN
    lands department went out to the land near the Meadow Lake shooting range on:
    1. July 21th
    2. August 10th
    3. September 7th
    The purpose of the land visits was to document and record Traditional Knowledge regarding
    hunting areas, harvesting areas including berry picking, medicinal plant picking and to document
    historical trails used for travelling.
  4. On Reserve Cultural Site Project - First Nations Technical Advisory Group Inc .
    based out of Edmonton is coming to FDFN September 12-15 to document and record
    Traditional Knowledge based activities within FDFN lands including TLE lands. The purpose of
    the project is to document and record where Traditional Knowledge activities take place such as
    hunting, fishing, trapping, berry picking,medicinal harvesting and historical areas of FDFN.


Flying Dust First Nation Lands department is working in together with consultant firm Urban

  1. FDFN to receive updated drafts on both Land Use Law and Land Use Plan from Urban
    Systems by September 15 .
  2. FDFN Lands and Resource committee (see website for who’s on committee) to review
    updated Drafts. September 20 .
  3. FDFN Lands to have a booth at General Band Meeting September 28 with more
    information and handouts on projects and Traditional Knowledge mapping.
  4. FDFN to have a community meeting for both Land Use Plan and Land Use Law .
    October 10,11 or 12th . Urban Systems consultant will be present to further answer any
  5. FDFN to have a community vote on both Land Use Plan and Land Use Law on
    November 8th or 9th.

Other notes:

  • The province is proposing a new system for First Nation outfitting. It will reduce the
    number of export permits that can be accessed by our outfitters. FDFN attended meeting
    in Saskatoon regarding the potential changes by the province.
  • FDFN to discuss lands to be potentially purchased through TLE - September 28.
  • FDFN is preparing to put “Flying Dust Traditional Territory” signs out on Traditional
    Hunting land.