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Employment Details

Community Health Nurse - Full Time Position

Job Posting Closes - January 25, 2019

The Flying Dust First Nation Community Health Nurse plays a key roll in a 2 nurse team for the Health & Human Services Department of Flying Dust First Nation.  This Community Health Nurse position will be in control of immunization, communicable disease, homecare, chronically ill, elder health program, school health, prenatal and postnatal health, diabetes, nutrition and environmental health.  The Community Health Nurse will work close with the Community Development Team in promoting and improve the health and conditions on Flying Dust First Nation.

Duties of the Community Health Nurse are:

  • In Home nursing
  • Supervision of Home Care Staff
  • Provide support and clinical services in all health related areas
  • Provide ongoing community education in all health related areas
  • Work closely with the Community Development Team
  • Maintain health records and respect confidentiality of all clients
  • Monitor the needs of chronically ill, disabled and mentally ill and promote and support their wellbeing and independence
  • Make in home visits on a daily, weekly basis or as required by patient release forms


  • Must lead a healthy, role model lifestyle
  • Graduation from University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
  • Must be registered and in good standing with SRNA
  • Valid Driver’s License Required

All applicants must provide the following requirements:

Cover letter, current up to date resume, 3 work related references (1) from current or last employer, a photocopy of degree,  provide SRNA RN # on Resume, and a current RCMP Criminal Records Check (available from your local RCMP Detachment).

DEADLINE TO APPLY:  January 25th 2019

Selection Procedure:  Your eligibility to be considered for this position will be based on the information in your resume.  Accordingly, you must clearly specify and clarify the qualifications and education you have that match what is required.  Please ensure that you provide Supervisory references and their contact information. 


Please email or fax your Letter of Application and Current Resume along with any supporting documentation you have available at the time of application.

FAX: 1 (306) 236-3373